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Posted by mbamommy on May 27, 2009

Have you ever had one of *those* days?

You know, your alarm doesn’t go off and you have to scramble out the door, only to get stuck in traffic because the road goes from 2 lanes to 1 for repair.  You spill coffee on yourself, you forgot about a meeting you’re supposed to be running and you left your lunch at home because you were late.  Your lunch place is out of your favorite salad, your co-worker’s celebrating their bday with cake and you just started a diet.  You’re trying to finish a project that’s due EOD (end of day), your network is ridiculously slow and then you spill your water on your keyboard.  You wait for IT to give you a new keyboard and when you’re finally able to print out the report and hand it in to your boss, s/he’s already left for the day.

We’ve all had one of *those* days.  JC and I have a good friend from b-school who, among other famous quotes like “F, I’m Happy!” and “There’s something intriguing about twins…”, coined “G.Y.S.T.”  Know what it means?  “Get Your S*#t Together“.

And after a day like that, my favorite way to GYST is to go home, go for a run to sweat out the day, treat yourself to ice cream (diet be damned) and a HUGE glass of a fabulous Chardonnay, while watching your favorite mindless guilty pleasure (mine’s a toss up between The Office and House).

Sometimes, GYST’ing is worth it.


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