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Posted by mbamommy on May 30, 2009

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m Truman Burbank.  After writing about customer service in a previous blog entry and telling the world what I’d do if someone actually went above and beyond, a perfect situation presents itself.  So, this is a post script to that entry.

Here’s the background: I’m looking for a job.  As anyone looking for a job will tell you, it’s tough out there.  Lots of supply, not much demand.  Companies and recuriters are completely overwhelmed with the number of applicants they receive for each job.  Which leads to, in my experience, enormous difficulty getting someone on the phone or finding out a status update.  I understand everyone’s busy.  But, it’s frustrating not to get any response whatsoever.  I’ve followed up with people repeatedly only to have to assume that they’ve accidentally gone into orbit and won’t be able to check email /voicemail until 2020.  I’ve been “Ding’ed” for jobs I didn’t apply for and double “Ding’ed” for jobs I did apply for.  I’ve been interviewed for jobs that don’t yet exist and I’ve been “Ding’ed” by the hiring mgr’s boss without the hiring mgr knowing about it.

That’s the negative in my job search.  Ready for the positives?  There have been politely drafted Ding Emails (you know, the professional equivalent to a “Dear John” letter) telling me I was a strong candidate but they’re going with someone else and they’ll keep my resume on file.  There was a personal email from a CEO thanking me for my interest in his company but they’re not hiring right now.  There were several companies who said they were no longer hiring but offered to let me know if they heard of anything anywhere else. 

And then, I started reaching out to smaller local companies.  I had an amazing conversation with Brian @ ResponsePoint – they’re not hiring but he offered to introduce me to others in the Triangle chapter of the AMA.  I had another amazing conversation with Robert @ Quarry Integrated Communications, who also isn’t hiring but gave me some names of other agencies he thought I’d be a good fit for.  And, I got the classiest Ding Letter from Cross + Associates.  This wasn’t just an email, it was an actual .doc attached to an email.  It was a generic letter, but they took the time to put my name on the top: “Dear Rebecca,” They thanked me for my interest and then gave me a list of local companies (and their phone numbers!) I may be interested in.

So, true to my word, I want to give a shout out to ResponsePointQuarry Integrated Communications & Cross + Associates.  You guys make searching for a job almost pleasant. 🙂

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  1. what you need is a lca, preferably someone who is a cpf.

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