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Cali bound

Posted by mbamommy on June 19, 2009

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m headed to SF/Sonoma County for a visit with my new nephew (oh yeah, and brother and sis-in-law).  Little R is about 7 weeks old and I’m hoping to be a good Auntie, lend a hand and let the new ‘rents get some much needed sleep. 

At least, that’s the altruistic part of my trip.  I’m spending a day/night in SF, my favorite city in the *entire* world (and, yes, I’ve been to several).  I’m staying with a good friend from b-school who recently opened up her own cafe, Chill.  I’m pretty fired up to try out the specialty desserts, coffee and food.  They look fabulous!!! Plus, we’re going out for dinner/drinks.  YAY, Girl’s Night!!! 

I’m also getting a break from kid duty: poopie diapers, terrible two tantrums, teething.  The best thing about being an Auntie?  I get to give the kid back.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m fairly distraught about leaving my babies for so long.  How could I not when they’re so friggin’ cute? 

But, I’m sure a glass or two from a local winery will help me get over the pain.


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