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34 and no longer counting….

Posted by mbamommy on July 19, 2009

I turned 34 a few weeks ago (July 4th, to be exact). Frankly, I almost forgot to do it.  

Now, you should know that this is soooooo NOT me.  I LOVE bday’s, especially my own.  I LOVE celebrating.  I LOVE any excuse to get together with fun people, eat good food, drink good drinks, laugh and somehow involve presents. 

I share a birthday with the United States of America. What does that mean? Well, for me, the past 33 July 4th’s (or, at least as many as I can remember) meant fireworks, no school, no work, cake, my favorite breakfast (chipped beef on toast), the beach, presents…and later in life, lots of drinks.  Really, what it sums up to is my bday has always been a Big Deal.  IMO, when you’re young, everyone’s bday’s *should* be a Big Deal. 

BUT, not everyone’s bday’s fireworks and a national holiday.  Mine did, so even if there wasn’t anything planned, it was still a Big Deal.

This past July 4th was non-existent for me.  But, not in a bad way.  With the amount of traveling, interviewing, job searching and kid patrol I’ve been doing recently I couldn’t handle anything big.  We had a nice BBQ at a friend’s house: great wine, great conversation, great food and a cupcake with a candle.  We didn’t even stay up long enough to see fireworks.  Definitely not a Big Deal.

And, I was thoroughly pleased, which surprises the heck out of me.

Here’s what I’ve learned.  It’s not about me anymore.  I had my time in the sun.  Now it’s about my family, my kids, my friends.  It’s not about celebrating the 8 hrs my Mom spent in labor to bring me into the world (although I’m eternally grateful she did).  I now prefer to celebrate the 24+ hours I spent in labor to  bring my two beautiful children into the world.

Go figure.

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