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Mazel Tov!

Posted by mbamommy on July 27, 2009

JC, my most trusted news source, just sent me yet another great article.  This one is about the a competition for the 2009 Leading Moms in Business.  The rankings were based on how many votes each contestant received, not necessarily how much revenue each makes.  Which, I think is decidedly Mom-esque and decidedly non-Jack Welsh-esque.  Looks like these Moms really know how to market themselves and get people behind them – think Corporate America should hire them as consultants? 😉

Anyway, check out the article that summarizes the contest and then take a look at the list of winners.  These Moms are doing everything under the sun, from social networks, to retreats, to retail to fitness to coupon clipping.  I even saw my old franchisor competition listed (StrollerFit & StrollerStride)! 

Pretty cool stuff though.  And, my hat goes off to all the women mentioned – you guys rock!

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