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Say it Loud, Say it Proud

Posted by mbamommy on August 13, 2009

I subscribe to eMarketer’s daily newsletter.  Sometimes, I actually get around to reading them.  If you haven’t, you should, they’re great at compiling various reports and giving it to you in an easily digestible summary.  Which, considering both of my kids are doing batty things with their naps, is hugely important to MBAMommy.

Today, they posted this article8 million women bloggers?!?  That’s so awesome.  Ladies, find your voices, find your keyboards and keep typing.  This could be the next step in equality for women – a place to share uncensored thoughts, ideas, plans, complaints, praises.  Why not, right?  You’ve got nothing to lose.

And then, right after I read that article, I read this article Tweeted by @MomCorps, which only underlines eMarketer’s point about marketers and PR folks paying attention to who they want to help promote their products.  These bloggers don’t mess around.

I also think it’s amazing that many of these women are actually able to make a living out of their blogging.  The July BlogHer conference shows that.  So, marketers out there, pay attention to what these ladies are saying and target them appropriately.  They can be hugely influential.

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