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Customer Service: online and offline tips

Posted by mbamommy on August 20, 2009

One of the running themes on this blog is the importance of customer service, both personally and professionally.  It’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart given my career path.  Granted, with a blog entitled MBAMommy, the distinction between my personal and professional lives is pretty grey.  So, I guess I should simply say customer service is extremely important to ME.  Whether it be the Golden Rule or the Ritz Carlton credo, it’s imperative to treat others well.   And, with the growing popularity of social media, people are talking more, both on and offline. 

So, how do you keep your customers happy and loyal online and off?  I’m glad you asked.

This morning, I read two great blog posts about customer service, 1 for the online world and 1 for the offline world.

The first post is by Chris Brogan. I found his blog through All In One Marketing’s Greenhouse, written by an old classmate of mine.   Both blogs are fantastic reads, I’d highly recommend them!  Chris’s point in “Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty” is exactly that.  Customer service needs to extend into screen-to-screen interactions, not just face-to-face interactions and he lists out 9 online courtesy tips.  Definitely good advice…I’m actually doing #1 and #3 right now!

The second post is written by Robert Ferguson, of Quarry Integrated Communication.  I’ve spoken with him over the phone before and was blown away by his and Quarry’s commitment to their core values.  It was refreshing to hear and see that they not only ‘talked the talk’, but also ‘walked the walk’.  Robert talks about companies who tout their core value of being customer-centric, only to fall short in practice.  He compares them with Southwest, who I personally LUV.  SWA’s secret to creating an environment of almost cult-like customer loyalty?  Make a commitment to your employees.  It’s really simple.  If you hate what you do on a daily basis, you’ll pass that on to your customers.  If you LUV what you do, you’ll pass that on. 

As an aside, I follow SWA on Twitter (@SouthwestAir).  Their focus on employees, customers and fun certainly extends to this channel – check ’em out!


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