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An even playing field

Posted by mbamommy on October 1, 2009

Do you remember that nugget of wisdom your Mom told you when you came home from high school crushed because so-and-so’s a cheerleader and everyone loves her and you’re just a big ‘ol loser that writes in her journal…when in reality it boils down to the fact that all teenagers are running around full of hormones they don’t know what to do with so everyone’s over the top emotional?

You know, the nugget about how when you get older, who was or wasn’t a cheerleader won’t mean a thing and it’s more likely that those who aren’t in the high school spotlight will go on to do BIG things?  It offered absolutely NO consolation at the time, but…and I hate to admit this… Mom turned out to be right.

A couple days ago I found out that the #1 box office hit this past weekend, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, was co-directed by a high school friend of mine.  He was not what you’d call football captain material.  He was quiet, smart as hell and a little on the small side (I doubt he is anymore, it’s been too many years to count since we graduated and I last saw him).  I think he ran cross country and I know he was in all the AP classes.  Everyone liked him and he and I were friends given we lived a block away from each other, but I’m guessing he had moments like the one described above.

And, he’s not the only one.  Thanks to Facebook, I’ve kept track of almost my entire graduating class.  There’s countless others….the quiet girl gone indie film producer….the brainy guy gone finance wizard….the smart chick gone writer.  And, on the flip side, there’s the football stud gone chunky and bald….the cheerleader still at high school, this time as a teacher…..the georgous, popular girls at home with 4-5 kids.

I hope everyone I went through high school with is happy.  I hope they’re all doing exactly what they want to do.  I really do.  I just find it fitting that those in yesterday’s spotlight are ordinary people now and those on the peripheral have taken their place.  I guess you could call it an evening of the playing field.  I’d call it life.

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