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Posted by mbamommy on September 24, 2010

Before I begin, I should let you know that I’m grumpy.  Which means this post probably isn’t going to be the most diplomatic post ever.  See, Z is giving up his nap.  Gone are the 2 hrs in the middle of the day that allow me to recharge and take a break and not have to constantly tell him to stop touching, get down from there, please don’t climb on that, or jump off of it, no, you can’t play with knives, no you can’t run into the middle of the street, yes, you do need to go pee pee and preferably not in your pants.  It also means that he’s uber tired at the end of the day so anything and everything will set him off.  I guess the silver lining is that, in the short term, his bed times are pretty early.

So if this….and every other post in the future seems slightly disjointed, it’s because I’m slightly distracted.  I refuse to allow him to watch TV (or at least more than the recent rule I put in place that they could watch 1 show before breakfast, 1 after lunch and 1 before dinner and they have to take turns choosing which show…it’s really cut down on arguments) so if he’s not able to entertain himself (quietly, please, S is asleep up stairs!) I have to.  Hence Moppy grumpiness.

But, I digress….this post is about a contradiction I noticed while still living in Raleigh.  I should also let you know that while I’m Jewish and my husband and kiddos are Catholic, I’m pretty ok with anything you want to believe in.  So long as it doesn’t inflict pain on myself or the ones I love and so long as you’re not all “up in ma grill” about it, feel free to believe what you want.

Folks in Raleigh take their religion seriously.  It’s not just the Baptists.   It’s also the Catholics, the Jews, the Lutherans, the Christians and everyone else.  The Bible Belt is alive and well folks, and in Raleigh, you can even get your Belt in Black.

Introducing Karate Kids for Christ….the contradiction I want to talk about.  OK, call me naive (or just plain grumpy), but aren’t Christian values contrary to martial arts?  I mean, what about Love Thy Neighbor and Turn The Other Cheek and Jesus Loves You.  I don’t recall ever seeing Jesus Karate Chops You.  Granted, I’ve never studied any form of martial arts but my understanding of it includes discipline, body/mind interaction, defense, inner strengths, using your own strengths against your enemy, etc.  OK, I can see where that would apply to being a good Christian.  And, I guess it would be really naive of me to think that violence and force are not a part of the Christian religion.  If so, then the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition and countless other wars fought in the name of God would have never happened.

I just can’t get my head around such a Western religion being incorporated into an Eastern way of thinking.  Again, I see nothing wrong with it.  I think trying to be a good person AND trying to stay fit are two extremely important things.  It just seems contradictive (I know that’s not a word….leave me alone, I’m grumpy).

What do you think?  Is this a contradiction?  Or do they meld together?

2 Responses to “Contradiction?”

  1. N. Frances Moritz said

    With the disclaimers of a) I’m not Catholic anymore, and b) I am taking a martial arts class, and c) I re-did this Web site recently… go to and watch for the Five Codes of Tang Soo Do to load (it’s usually the 2nd image).

    I don’t see anything on there as a contradiction with basic Christian teachings. (That said, I also don’t think they overlap exclusively with Christian teachings.)

    Martial arts aren’t meant to teach you violence and force; they teach you self-control and how to get out of a bad situation if you get into one. And it’s great exercise!


    P.S.: says contradictive IS a word. Ignore the spellchecker.

    • mbamommy said

      Fair enough…I can see how those codes aren’t contradictory but not exactly overlapping either. I guess that’s my point. It just seems like a strange combination. And, thanks for the check! 🙂

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