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Fancy meeting you here

Posted by mbamommy on April 6, 2011

Well, hello again!  How have you been?  I’ve missed you.  I’ve been good…actually VERY good.  So good in fact that I completely ignored you. That’s such a girl thing to do, isn’t it?  When you’re down and out, you can’t get enough of your friends and you’ll chat with them til late in the night.  And, they’re always there for you, to listen to you vent with you, cry with you, laugh with you and share with you.  And then?  Things start going well again….you get another boyfriend or another job or another…whatever….and all of a sudden, you’re life is re-focused (or, in my case re- unfocused) and you find yourself thinking “Hmmm……I should really get in touch with my friends.”  But, you’re at a stop light and you don’t have your phone on you.  And you tell yourself you’ll write yourself a note as soon as you get home and then 5 minutes go by and you’re thinking about an entirely new topic until a week goes by and you think “Hmmm…..I should really get I touch with my friends.”

Oh wait…that doesn’t happen to you?  You ALWAYS remember your friends and never leave them hanging?  I bet you probably always have perfect hair and makeup, perfectly behaved children, a beautifully clean house and a wonderful relationship with your family.  Then, yeah, maybe I haven’t missed you as much.

BUT, if you’re like me (and I’m guessing that deep down you actually are), you’ll forgive my absence, welcome me back with open arms, and tell me how exactly you manage to look so gorgeous all the time.


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