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A Rose….In Mandarin

Posted by mbamommy on September 26, 2011

So, you know how Z & S are going to an immersion school to learn Mandarin?  Well, along with coming home with the cutest Chinese songs, teaching J and me Chinese words and getting frustrated with our inability to pronounce things properly, and learning Kung Fu, they also get their own Chinese names.

Here’s S’s name in Chinese characters:


And in pinyin:


And translated:

“little girl”.

Ok, that’s a loose translation.  When I asked her teacher (lǎoshī) what that meant, she said “You know, Niu Niu…” while doing a little shimmy.  When it was completely obvious that I still had no idea what she meant, she further explained that it was a Chinese name they gave to a younger daughter, who was really cute and a little sassy.

And, here’s Z’s Chinese name:


And in pinyin:

xiǎo kēxué

And the (much more direct) translation: “little science”

Yep, I think they see my kids.

2 Responses to “A Rose….In Mandarin”

  1. It’s great when the teachers truly know your children! It’s something I strive for as a teacher every day.

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