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The Whole Ox

Posted by mbamommy on December 11, 2011

My best friend from high school lives in Hawaii.

Jealous, right? I know, me too.

She’s also a surfer. And just posted on Facebook that she paddled out at 4am to see the recent lunar eclipse.

Even more jealous, right? I know, me too.

Not only that, but she’s married to this super cool guy named Bob McGee. No, not Bobby, although he’ll only roll his eyes at you if you call him that…he’s pretty tough to annoy. I know, I’ve tried. ;). They moved to Hawaii for the lifestyle. She surfs and he cooks. And they’re both awesome at what they do.

She also owns a coffee shop and he’s opening up a deli. And not just any deli, a deli that will make its own local, grass fed, WHOLE animal deli meat. How cool is that? If you’re any sort of green/primal/environmentally conscious person (or just someone who loves good food) you understand how important this is. Especially if you live in the middle of the Pacific where it’s pretty hard to get food shipped to you.

So, here’s the deal. He’s trying to raise funds to purchase a smoker. Not just any smoker but tha BOMB smoker (I guess…I don’t know a whole lot about smokers but he seems to think it’s the cat’s meow so I’ll take his word on it.)

Take a look at his fundraising page. If you live in Hawaii, I’d encourage you to support a budding local business. If you’re not an islander, I’d still suggest supporting him. I think what he’s doing is pretty amazing.

The Whole Ox Deli

And, while I’m only *slightly* jealous of their lives I do want to do my part to support them in any way I can. That way, I can go visit them and have a free place to stay, a built in surf instructor and chef.

Now, you’re jealous of me, right? I know.

2 Responses to “The Whole Ox”

  1. Erica said

    OMG I just read this Becky, I. Love. YOU!

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