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I Got Picked Up….Again!

Posted by mbamommy on January 22, 2012

So, you all are probably aware by now that I’m a guest blogger for Mile High Mamas, right? I’m still so fired up they see fit to post my musings……and yet, I’ve been so wrapped up in getting my act together in 2012 that I failed to notice they had posted another one of my guest posts. Here’s a link to it. I’m still so floored by the responses I’ve gotten from people via that venue. It’s just wonderful.

And, now, another amazing website has picked up my blog. Remember when I wrote about the documentary, Refrigerator Mothers? Well, unbeknownst to me, the folks who put together that amazing documentary also have an amazing non-profit called JJ’s List. The site is basically a review of disability friendly businesses…mostly in Chicago but nation wide as well. Amazing, right? (Have I beat that amazing horse enough yet?)

Anyway, someone at the company and I started chatting a while back and would I mind if she profiled my blog on their monthly D-blogger review? Well, of course not!!! What an honor!

But, I had no idea how wonderful the review was going to turn out to be. J calls it a “Siskel & Ebert” style review…and it sounds like I got 2 thumbs up. Take a look and spend some time getting to know JJ’s List. They’re pretty amazing.

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