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Part MBA, Part MRS, Part MOM…..All ME

Who, what when, where and why?

Here’s a cheatsheet for the players in my Blog:  I’m MBAMommy (obviously).  RunZMC is my 3yo son.  Petite Syrah is his 20 mos little sister.  JC is my darling hubby.  Boo is my 5 yr old fur baby (black lab).  Raleigh, NC is my current residence but Colorado is where my heart is.  Marketing is my career.

So, this blog has several purposes.  First, I miss writing.  My only writing these days is updating the kid’s website and while I enjoy documenting their lives, I’m itching to babble.  Second,  I feel that I’m missing something in my marketing skills arsenal – there’s so much hype these days about Social Media Marketing and Blogs, I decided to hop on the bandwagon.  In my spare time, I’m also delving into the Big 3 (LinkedIn, FB & Twitter), but blogging is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Lastly, maybe there’s another working/trying to work Mommy out there doing it all and being it all who would relate to my blathering and know she’s not alone.

6 Responses to “Who, what when, where and why?”

  1. jack singer said

    some advice…a little too ME ME ME. it’s not about you; it’s about everyone else.

    • mbamommy said

      Jack, thanks for commenting, I appreciate the advice. The page you commented was really designed to give people some insight into why I started this blog. You’re right, it sounds a little to ME ME ME. But, I think if you took a look at the rest of the posts, you’ll realize that it’s not ME ME ME….it’s Part MBA, Part MOM, Part MRS.

  2. Lisa said

    Love black labs!

  3. Lisa said

    I hope you find a job soon. Good luck.

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