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A Rose By Any Other Name

Posted by mbamommy on September 19, 2011

When I was pregnant with Z, he wasn’t called Z. Granted, we didn’t know he was a he until he pee’d all over J at birth, but his name wasn’t Z.  It was Matthew.  We loved it.  See, J and I were very scientific with our choices in names.  It had to pass 4 criteria.

  1. It had to sound good for a little kid. (“Matty, I just want to nibble your cute little cheeks!” Check.)
  2. It had to sound cool for a high school kid. (“Matt?  Yeah, he’s class president.” Check.)
  3. It had to sound good as an adult. (“Matthew, CEO”. Check)
  4. We had to love the way it sounded because we would be saying it 1,986,234,754,864,356,843,543,343 times.

So, obviously, Matthew cleared all hurdles.  We were all set.  And, we were almost 100% with the girl names too.  It was down to either Elizabeth or S.  Both of which had enormous merits.  They cleared all above mentioned hurdles.  Plus, isn’t Beth your best friend?  Don’t you just want to go play soccer with the team captain…Beth?  And…S…sweet, caring, loving S….honor roll, valedictorian, save the world S.  Totally set.

And then I hit 36 weeks.

And the crazies started.

I realized that I couldn’t name a son Matthew.  Under no uncertain circumstances could I…nice, Jewish girl that I am…name my son after one of the disciples.  Never mind that there’s a gazillion Matthew’s that are also Jewish.  And never mind that we were raising them Catholic, wherein it is perfectly acceptable to name a child after a disciple.  I couldn’t do it.

Nope….the crazies won.

And, instead of fighting his sweet, loving, axe-wielding, get-this-friggin-thing-out-of-me wife, J agreed to discuss.  Now, you must remember, it takes J a looooooonnnnnnnnggggggg time to make up his mind.  But once he does, it’s set.  Unlike me, who more resembles a ricocheting ball (yes.  no.  maybe. sort of.  no, yes.  wait….what were we trying to decide?).  So, for him to even entertain the idea of going back to the drawing board so late in the game (we had been discussing names since before we even got married) was H.U.G.E.

So, we talked, and negotiated, and I may have cried a little bit.  Like I said, the crazies had totally set in.

And then we landed on Z.  And we both kind of loved it.  It definitely met our criteria. And, almost as importantly, it made me put down the axe and stop crying (craaaazzzzzyyyyyy).

So, there you have it.  Z is Z and not Matthew because my husband loves me….and is only a little afraid of axes.

…in case you were wondering.

And, just as an aside….who do you think liked the name S more than Elizabeth?

Oh…and one other thing to noodle over….do you think the kids would be different if we had named them Matthew and Elizabeth?

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