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Posted by mbamommy on November 1, 2011

Remember —–>this<—– post about Halloween and snow?

Well, it can go suck an egg.  Not only was trick or treating a complete and utter success this year, but Z even let S ring the doorbell WHENEVER we told him to (meaning we didn’t prep him!!!!!).  Take that “inflexible to transitions”.

And, his comment to me on the first snow day?  “Mommy, can I wear my snow boots and snow jacket and hat and gloves EVERY day?”

Take that “sensory issues”.

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Same Time Last Year

Posted by mbamommy on September 19, 2010

Right around a year ago, we were gearing up for Halloween.  Now, for most kiddos, dressing up and going door to door to collect free candy is an annual highlight.  Not ours.  Here’s the reaction we got when we tried to put S into a princess outfit.

I can’t show you Z’s reaction because we didn’t even get this far with him.  I mentioned here that we tried to force him into his costume: a flight suit custom made for him as a present from his aunt and uncle, complete with his own call sign (how cool is that?!) and all hell broke loose.  We realized we couldn’t try *that* again.

So, our next strategy was to go out and buy a new costume for him….one that he chose….maybe then he’d wear it.  Out we went to Target only to find slim pickings.  Anything he wanted they didn’t have his size.  Anything they had in his size, he didn’t want.  We finally settled on Superman pj’s, complete with a cape.  We figured if he didn’t wear it for Halloween, maybe he’d eventually wear it for bed?

Last Halloween all 4 of us stayed home.  S refused to touch her costume and went to bed as if nothing special was going on.  Z helped J and me hand out candy to other kids until someone came up in a scary costume and then he wouldn’t go near the door.  What did he wear?  You guessed it: jeans and a tshirt.

Fast forward to a year later and lo and behold:

Wanna know our secret?  Patience and understanding.  I showed him the flight suit and that was it.  We talked about it a little and then he ignored it.  The next day he asked for it.  And, he didn’t take it off for 2 days.  We get it now that we can’t force him into doing something. But if we make it enticing enough, he’ll eventually come to the decision on his own.

Oh, and the Superman pj’s?  They’re a staple.  He even asks us to sing the theme song as he runs around really fast so the cape looks like it’s flying in the wind.

As for little S, we haven’t found her Halloween costume yet but I absolutely guarantee you that if it’s all pink and girly, she’ll wear it til the cow’s come home.  And, she’ll walk around saying “I pretty.  I pink!” (note the sassy stance in the pic above).  My little girly-girl…..not sure where it’s coming from, I don’t have a girly-girl bone in my body.  Maybe she’s already rebelling?  *groan*

What a difference a year makes.  I have high hopes that we’ll get to go trick or treating this year. 🙂

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