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Shout Out

Posted by mbamommy on November 24, 2011

I was perusing Facebook this morning, seeing everyone’s comments about Thanksgiving and what they’re thankful for and it got me thinking. I wasn’t planning on writing a Thanksgiving focused post, but everyone’s comments made me realize I had something to say today. What am I thankful for?  Of course I’m grateful for my friends and family and for their and my good health. That, in my opinion, goes without saying. Without friends and family and without health….well….that’s just not a life I want to lead.

So, then I got to thinking about are all the things I’m thankful for that allow me to live my life. This life. Not the one I imagined. Or had conjured up in my head when I was young and naive. But my day to day real life. So, below are the list of things that I’m giving a shout out to today (in no particular order). And, I promise to do my best to support these things as much as they’ve supported me.

I’m thankful for….

  • HIMAT – without which we would never be able to consider private school or purchasing a home
  • My Angels – without whom I would be completely lost in this world of Asperger’s
  • Early intervention – without which I would be completely lost in this world of Asperger’s
  • Weighted vests – which have made such a difference in impulse control and executive functioning for my little man
  • Education – on so many levels: my degrees, my kid’s budding bilingualism, my understanding of my son
  • My husband’s job – for providing us with so much
  • My job – for its work-life balance
  • That I live today and not at an earlier point in history – all in, I think we have it pretty good
  • My iPhone (yes, it’s made that much of a difference in my and my family’s lives)
  • My arms and legs – which allow me to do all the things I do throughout the day
  • Living in Colorado – because no matter what happens on a bad day, it’s happening here and that makes everything brighter
  • My daughter – my constant ray of sunshine
  • Social media – because how else would I be able to re-connect with people I haven’t seen in 15-20 years?
  • Straight irons – without which my hair would be a complete mess
  • Skype/FaceTime – which allows me to be with my family no matter how far away we are
  • My blog – for being my outlet  and YOU for loaning me your ears (eyes?) and hearts
  • Toddler alarm clocks that change when it’s time to get up – because otherwise I’d be starting my day at 5am
  • Kid’s Clubs at the gym – for giving my little sensory seeker a means to get his squirmy worms out while mommy gets to exercise
  • My Toyota Highlander – the most reliable, safe-feeling mode of transportation I’ve ever had

There’s more…and maybe throughout the day I’ll continue adding as I think of things. But, for now, I think this is a good start.

What about you?

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Same Time Last Year

Posted by mbamommy on September 19, 2010

Right around a year ago, we were gearing up for Halloween.  Now, for most kiddos, dressing up and going door to door to collect free candy is an annual highlight.  Not ours.  Here’s the reaction we got when we tried to put S into a princess outfit.

I can’t show you Z’s reaction because we didn’t even get this far with him.  I mentioned here that we tried to force him into his costume: a flight suit custom made for him as a present from his aunt and uncle, complete with his own call sign (how cool is that?!) and all hell broke loose.  We realized we couldn’t try *that* again.

So, our next strategy was to go out and buy a new costume for him….one that he chose….maybe then he’d wear it.  Out we went to Target only to find slim pickings.  Anything he wanted they didn’t have his size.  Anything they had in his size, he didn’t want.  We finally settled on Superman pj’s, complete with a cape.  We figured if he didn’t wear it for Halloween, maybe he’d eventually wear it for bed?

Last Halloween all 4 of us stayed home.  S refused to touch her costume and went to bed as if nothing special was going on.  Z helped J and me hand out candy to other kids until someone came up in a scary costume and then he wouldn’t go near the door.  What did he wear?  You guessed it: jeans and a tshirt.

Fast forward to a year later and lo and behold:

Wanna know our secret?  Patience and understanding.  I showed him the flight suit and that was it.  We talked about it a little and then he ignored it.  The next day he asked for it.  And, he didn’t take it off for 2 days.  We get it now that we can’t force him into doing something. But if we make it enticing enough, he’ll eventually come to the decision on his own.

Oh, and the Superman pj’s?  They’re a staple.  He even asks us to sing the theme song as he runs around really fast so the cape looks like it’s flying in the wind.

As for little S, we haven’t found her Halloween costume yet but I absolutely guarantee you that if it’s all pink and girly, she’ll wear it til the cow’s come home.  And, she’ll walk around saying “I pretty.  I pink!” (note the sassy stance in the pic above).  My little girly-girl…..not sure where it’s coming from, I don’t have a girly-girl bone in my body.  Maybe she’s already rebelling?  *groan*

What a difference a year makes.  I have high hopes that we’ll get to go trick or treating this year. 🙂

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What’s My Point?

Posted by mbamommy on July 9, 2010

A few days ago, I celebrated the 10th anniversary of my 25th birthday.  It just so happened to coincide with the 4th of July, so J got all patriotic on me.  What a nice guy!

(Side bar: Motivated Mom recently told me that while reading my blog she confused my mentions of JC (my husband) with JC, the Christian savior.  Yes, I did marry a Catholic man but no, I don’t sit around chatting with his son of God.  I am still a proud Jewish woman afterall.  So, in order to ensure no more confusion to my readers, JC will forever more be known as J.  And, while I’m at it, I’m switching up RunZMC to Z and Petite Syrah to S.  Call me lazy but that’s a lot less letters I need to type).

But, I don’t want to talk about my 10th anniversary.  What I want to talk about is my cleaning service.  I know, you’re probably sitting there thinking “Where in the world is this post going?  First she’s talking about anniversaries, then birthdays, then Jesus Christ and now her cleaning service? WTF?”  Stay with me though, I promise it’s all related….well….not the Jesus thing but I did preface that with a side bar (and italics no less!).


I’ve been a client of Carpe Diem Cleaning for several years now. Honestly, at first I didn’t think much of it.  I switched services because my previous one jacked up their rates.  I learned about Carpe Diem from a mailer that hada new customer discount coupon so I decided to give them a try.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been a pain in the butt to them.  I change times, freak out when they come too early or too late and Z or S are asleep, cancel at the last minute and forget to leave the key.  I think I’ve even threatened to leave a few times and they’ve always been able to pacify me with grace.  Actually, I need to give a shout out to Hannah Benfield, VP Client Relations, in particular.  She’s amazing.  She handles all inquiries, changes and challenges quickly and effectively.  And, she never seems to get her feathers ruffled.

In addition, they’ve never raised their rates and their teams do an incredible job (difficult in my house because of all of Annie’s dog hair. I swear I don’t know how she’s not bald).

So….I’m also a fan of Carpe Diem on Facebook and they recently ran a contest: submit a pic of how you spend your summers and you could win tickets to see the Durham Bulls.  So, I submitted this pic (wow, I’m kind of on a roll here) and promptly forgot about it.

Surprise, surprise, I won!  So, last Saturday night, J allowed me a girl’s night out with a good friend and we went to the Bulls game.  Complete with an air conditioned box right next to the press box.  We lost, but who cares!  The food was great, the folks were great and the fireworks were amazing.

But, that’s not the point of this post either (Seriously? When am I going to get to the point?).  When Hannah called me to let me know I won, I “let slip” that Saturday night was the ‘eve’ of my birthday.   I was curious to see if she picked up on the not-so-subtle hint and I figured they’d wish me happy birthday while I was there or something like that.  True to her title of VP, Client Relations, she went above and beyond with this:

I mean, here we are at *their* event, *their* night to say thanks to their customers and partners, *their* night to preview the commercial they did with Woll E. Bull, *their* 4th of July celebration.  And they not only make mention of my bday, but they light candles and a room full of strangers sings Happy Birthday to me while I blow the candles out.

Talk about recognizing the customer…..and I’m a pain in the butt one!

So, that’s what this post is really about.  Another example of how one company shows how they value their customer. (Told you I’d get there!)

Oh, and just to add on a little more praise for Carpe Diem: they’re super involved in the community (they clean it up, one might say *groan*), they’re a family run business that takes care of their employees, they do great work at a great price and they put their customers first with a personal touch.

So, a big thanks to Hannah, Wendy, Jessica and the rest of the team for making my 10th anniversary of my 25th so memorable.

And, to all of you out there, if you’re looking for an amazing cleaning service in the Triangle, check out!

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Posted by mbamommy on April 8, 2010

According to Petite Syrah, I need to change the name of my blog from “MBA Mommy” to “MBA Moppy”.  Not sure why she changed my name from “Ma-ay” to “Moppy”, but it is pretty cute.  Even when she’s screaming it at the top of her lungs, crawling in between my legs while I’m trying to get her dinner because she’s so hungry she NEEDS TO BE HELD RIGHT NOW, MOPPY!!!!!!!!

Maybe that’s why she changed it….because she knows I’ll forgive her. *sigh* How could you not?  I kind of hope it sticks….certainly better than some of my other nicknames.

My Lil Petite Syrah

Oh, by the way…do you like the new design?  I decided it was time for a little refresh, springtime and all.  I’m also trying to figure out how to do a logo.  I have a *brilliant* idea but I’m creatively challenged (ironic given I work for an ad agency) and may try to do something in .ppt?  Please save me!  If you’re interested in helping me out, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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My Favorite Things

Posted by mbamommy on July 29, 2009

A few weeks ago, I read about a blogging contest put out by Triangle TRACKS.  They were asking for people to post blog entries about their favorite things.  Apparently I misread it because I thought they were asking for favorite things about NC in the summer.  Considering I *hate* NC in the summer I decided not to submit anything.  Nor did I want the prize of tickets to see “The Sound of Music” this coming Saturday.

But, it got me thinking about my favorite things.  And, since I’ve been blogging a lot recently about job searches and work/life balance (neither of which are on my list of favorite things) I’ve decided to list mine here.  Note, these are in no particular order.

  • My children’s belly laughs
  • Laughing uncontrollably at absolutely nothing
  • Negative splits
  • The first sip of an amazing vintage
  • Apres ski Fat Tire (in a hot tub)
  • JC’s hugs and strong shoulder
  • That sore muscle feeling the day after a great workout
  • Pizza
  • The smell of Colorado in the summer
  • The small of cut grass and rain
  • Getting lost in an amazing book
  • Sloppy baby kisses
  • Watching my kids master a new skill
  • Walking out of a meeting/presentation knowing I knocked it out of the ballpark
  • Chocolate
  • First snow
  • 2am conversations

And so on. 

Ironically, when I just re-checked the Triangle TRACKS website, I realized that all they really wanted was the above – not NC specific.  Ah well.

Anyone else want to post their list?

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34 and no longer counting….

Posted by mbamommy on July 19, 2009

I turned 34 a few weeks ago (July 4th, to be exact). Frankly, I almost forgot to do it.  

Now, you should know that this is soooooo NOT me.  I LOVE bday’s, especially my own.  I LOVE celebrating.  I LOVE any excuse to get together with fun people, eat good food, drink good drinks, laugh and somehow involve presents. 

I share a birthday with the United States of America. What does that mean? Well, for me, the past 33 July 4th’s (or, at least as many as I can remember) meant fireworks, no school, no work, cake, my favorite breakfast (chipped beef on toast), the beach, presents…and later in life, lots of drinks.  Really, what it sums up to is my bday has always been a Big Deal.  IMO, when you’re young, everyone’s bday’s *should* be a Big Deal. 

BUT, not everyone’s bday’s fireworks and a national holiday.  Mine did, so even if there wasn’t anything planned, it was still a Big Deal.

This past July 4th was non-existent for me.  But, not in a bad way.  With the amount of traveling, interviewing, job searching and kid patrol I’ve been doing recently I couldn’t handle anything big.  We had a nice BBQ at a friend’s house: great wine, great conversation, great food and a cupcake with a candle.  We didn’t even stay up long enough to see fireworks.  Definitely not a Big Deal.

And, I was thoroughly pleased, which surprises the heck out of me.

Here’s what I’ve learned.  It’s not about me anymore.  I had my time in the sun.  Now it’s about my family, my kids, my friends.  It’s not about celebrating the 8 hrs my Mom spent in labor to bring me into the world (although I’m eternally grateful she did).  I now prefer to celebrate the 24+ hours I spent in labor to  bring my two beautiful children into the world.

Go figure.

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