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Posted by mbamommy on December 15, 2011

I am….

a mother

a wife

a sister

a daughter

an advocate

a friend

an ear

a shoulder

a heart

a brain

a body

a life

a tear

a smile

a giggle

a tickle finger

a Mommy monster

a squeeze

a hug

a kiss

a hand

a sigh














I do…


a job

an exercise

a meal

some housework

a lot of talking

a lot of reading

a lot of writing

some yoga

some meditating


pick up/drop off

child care




There’s a difference.

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Angels Among Us

Posted by mbamommy on October 27, 2011

Last spring, I had the honor of being a judge for the Autism Society of Colorado’s Faces of Autism event.  I had the pleasure of being on a team that interviewed finalists and then had the difficult job of choosing just one winner.  The awards went to professionals in the field, volunteers, citizens of distinction and children who have made a difference.  So it was with enormous pride and quite a bit of choking up that I attended last night’s awards ceremony honoring these individuals who have made a lasting impact on the autism community.

On our way back home, I tweeted this:

Wonderful event. Caught up with friends. Good reminder of our challenges and our angels. Thank you #autismcolorado for a fantastic evening!

It was a wonderful event.  The ASC team did an amazing job with the silent and live auction, the awards presentations and the food was delicious.  But, here’s the thing, all evening long I could barely hold back the tears.  Both J and I wanted to congratulate one of the winners, who was seated at our table, but neither of us could at first.  And then, when we finally got ourselves together enough…we realized HE was as choked up as we were!

Since we came to Colorado over a year ago, J and I have been active with the Autism Society.  I’ve volunteered on their marketing committee and as a judge and J ran the Colfax marathon to raise money for them.  Not necessarily by choice, mind you.   We do it because our son is on the autism spectrum and we have a vested interest in generating awareness and supporting any organization that is there to help him.  We’re involved because we NEED to be.  Many of the people who were honored last night are involved because they WANT to be.  Because they recognize the desperate hole their support, money, time, and love fill.  Knowing that there are people out there willing to help us moves me to tears.  There are angels among us.  And they were out en masse last night.

Autism is not a sexy cause.  It’s scary and weird and most people want to ignore it.  Heck, half the time I want to ignore it.  People are terrified of autism and the mysteries that surround it. But it’s SUCH an important cause.  I won’t bore you with the stats on autism, they’re all over the news and I’m sure you’ve had an ear full.  Forget about the fact that autism costs our society enormous amounts of money.  Forget about the fact that autism diagnoses are much more common now than 40 years ago.  What you should remember is that there are millions of people affected by autism.  And when you’re affected, you can feel alone, scared, isolated, hopeless and helpless.

At last night’s ASC gala, I had a chance to get dressed up and join other people who are living with autism every day.  I had the opportunity to watch an autistic young man perform a beautiful original piece of music.  I had the pleasure of seeing three young women receive awards for their volunteerism.  One of these women has autism herself.  And I had the pleasure of congratulating these young people and I completely understood why they couldn’t look at me in the eye and why they reacted a little awkwardly when I spoke to them.  And, I saw the pride they felt in being recognized.  And the pride in a mother’s face when she heard her daughter converse with me…..even as she was helping her daughter put on her coat and reminding her that there’s a tag in the coat she needed to be aware of.

Last night was a chance to be in a community that understands. That gets it.  It reminded me how important an organization like the ASC is.  And I proudly honor all the angels who, willingly or not, are out there supporting, loving, understanding….and walking this path with me.

So, thank you Betty, Robin, Gwen, Bridget, Justin, Kim, Darlene, Beverly, Angie and all the finalists.  You are my angels and I applaud you.

If you want more information about the Autism Society of Colorado, visit  And, please, consider getting involved and becoming an angel yourself. 

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A Rose By Any Other Name

Posted by mbamommy on September 19, 2011

When I was pregnant with Z, he wasn’t called Z. Granted, we didn’t know he was a he until he pee’d all over J at birth, but his name wasn’t Z.  It was Matthew.  We loved it.  See, J and I were very scientific with our choices in names.  It had to pass 4 criteria.

  1. It had to sound good for a little kid. (“Matty, I just want to nibble your cute little cheeks!” Check.)
  2. It had to sound cool for a high school kid. (“Matt?  Yeah, he’s class president.” Check.)
  3. It had to sound good as an adult. (“Matthew, CEO”. Check)
  4. We had to love the way it sounded because we would be saying it 1,986,234,754,864,356,843,543,343 times.

So, obviously, Matthew cleared all hurdles.  We were all set.  And, we were almost 100% with the girl names too.  It was down to either Elizabeth or S.  Both of which had enormous merits.  They cleared all above mentioned hurdles.  Plus, isn’t Beth your best friend?  Don’t you just want to go play soccer with the team captain…Beth?  And…S…sweet, caring, loving S….honor roll, valedictorian, save the world S.  Totally set.

And then I hit 36 weeks.

And the crazies started.

I realized that I couldn’t name a son Matthew.  Under no uncertain circumstances could I…nice, Jewish girl that I am…name my son after one of the disciples.  Never mind that there’s a gazillion Matthew’s that are also Jewish.  And never mind that we were raising them Catholic, wherein it is perfectly acceptable to name a child after a disciple.  I couldn’t do it.

Nope….the crazies won.

And, instead of fighting his sweet, loving, axe-wielding, get-this-friggin-thing-out-of-me wife, J agreed to discuss.  Now, you must remember, it takes J a looooooonnnnnnnnggggggg time to make up his mind.  But once he does, it’s set.  Unlike me, who more resembles a ricocheting ball (yes.  no.  maybe. sort of.  no, yes.  wait….what were we trying to decide?).  So, for him to even entertain the idea of going back to the drawing board so late in the game (we had been discussing names since before we even got married) was H.U.G.E.

So, we talked, and negotiated, and I may have cried a little bit.  Like I said, the crazies had totally set in.

And then we landed on Z.  And we both kind of loved it.  It definitely met our criteria. And, almost as importantly, it made me put down the axe and stop crying (craaaazzzzzyyyyyy).

So, there you have it.  Z is Z and not Matthew because my husband loves me….and is only a little afraid of axes.

…in case you were wondering.

And, just as an aside….who do you think liked the name S more than Elizabeth?

Oh…and one other thing to noodle over….do you think the kids would be different if we had named them Matthew and Elizabeth?

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The elephant in the room

Posted by mbamommy on August 10, 2011

Dear S,

You amaze me every day.  That goes without saying….after all, you’re my daughter and I find just that simple fact amazing.

But, last night you literally floored me.  See, you’re 2.  And at 2, you’re not supposed to have a whole lot of empathy. You’re supposed to be in the “Me. Me. Me.” phase that you (hopefully) eventually grow out of.  I’ve said before that you have a heart as big as a mountain and that you already have more empathy than most adults I know.  And, last night, you proved me right again.

There you were, in a sea of kids running around playing with YOUR toys, in YOUR house…sharing everything without batting an eye.  Your little friend who you were holding hands with all day long was getting ready to leave and began to cry because she couldn’t take the elephant she was playing with home.  So, she asks you for it.  And…you hesitate for a minute…you do love your elephants after all…and then you run back inside and grab an elephant.  Not just any elephant but the elephant you earned from doing your chores.  The one that you worked for and chose yourself at the toy store.  The one you sleep with every night.

I stopped you before you got outside and asked you if you were sure.

S: Yeah, I give MC my elephant because it make her happy!

MBAMommy:  But, S, this is Rosie the elephant.  You LOVE Rosie.  Don’t you think you’ll miss her?  You earned her by doing your chores.

S: I no miss her. I ok.

MBAMommy:  S, you know you don’t have to give it to her, just because she wants it.  She WILL be ok without it.

S: No she not!  She not happy!  She crying!

MBAMommy: Yes, she will.  I promise.  Listen….I don’t even hear her crying anymore.

S: She ok?  Wet me see.

We walk outside and MC has already forgotten about the elephant and is getting into the car with her Mommy.  You look at me, giggle and say “She ok!  She happy!” and run over to say goodbye.

S: zài jiàn, MC!  You come back and play wif my toys!

The heart you already have…that you already wear on your sleeve…brings me enormous joy….and enormous concern.  Will you be taken advantage of as you get older?  Will people understand what a truly amazing gift you are?  I wonder if I did the right thing last night, by dissuading you from giving away your prized toy.  You probably would have forgotten about Rosie soon enough…you are only  2 after all.  But, I just don’t want you to think you HAVE to do these things just to make others happy.  It’s a wonderful trait…but one that could bring you pain later on.

Ah well….you keep doing what you’re doing, little angel.  Leave the cynicism to me. I promise I’ll try my hardest to help you understand when and how to give your heart away while still keeping it safe.

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Run Daddy Run

Posted by mbamommy on August 5, 2011

As you may remember, back in May, J ran the Colfax marathon in order to raise money for the Colorado Autism Society.  It was a momentous event for our little family and one that each of us got to play a role in.

At the end of this post, I’ve added the letter he sent out to everyone who donated, but what that probably doesn’t portray was how moved we were of the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family.  Folks, we’re talking about people who don’t have any extra money to do anything for themselves…much less donate their hard earned money as a show of support for us and our little man.  There were countless nights when J and I would review the donations coming in and both of us would have tears in our eyes.  We truly truly have the most amazing network of friends. People who didn’t even know us directly were donating!  It was amazing.

The day of the race was cold, grey and overcast.  Sadly, the kiddos had to wear sweatshirts over their t-shirts and long sleeves under.  Z put up a HUGE fight because he was VERY concerned Daddy wouldn’t see his shirt when he ran by.  I was able to appease him by promising that as soon as we saw Daddy he’d be able to take his sweatshirt off.  J started running at around 6am, reporting later that it actually snowed the first couple miles.  Z, S and I got to the end of the race a little earlier than I would have liked because I wasn’t sure how long it would take to find parking, how crowded the race would be, etc etc.  Lucky for us there was plenty of open space and not a lot of noise within 1/4 mile from the finish line.  We set up camp in a grassy area where they could play and I could keep an eye out for the moving autism ribbon.  The kids were good, but getting cold and restless….then…there he was…right on time…. Z ripped his sweatshirt off and RAN out to meet Daddy.  Z, with a full tank of gas, made it tough for poor Daddy to keep up!  S tried her darndest to follow along but just wasn’t fast enough so she and I ran on the sidelines as the boys crossed the finish line together.  I overheard very sweet comments about little Z man and his “Run Daddy Run” shirt and saw smiles the faces of the spectators watching them run in together… was definitely a moment I’ll never forget.  I wish I could share pics from when they crossed over, they’re absolutely amazing, but alas, they’re also not free.

I *can* share this one though….

And, this one was posted in the ASC summer newsletter (along with a one-page Volunteer Profile of J).  You can tell the kiddos were done with the cold at this point.

And finally, the thank you letter J sent out:

As a supporter to our cause, you helped make this project a complete success:
  • The team I help organize surpassed its fundraising goal by 20%, providing a pleasant surprise to the finance committee chair at the Autism Society of Colorado for the 2011 budget year
  • Thanks to you, I was the #1 fundraiser, inspiring me to continue with another race of some type later this year
  • I finished the marathon in 3 hours, 27 minutes (beating my goal of 3:30)
  • Perhaps most importantly to me, I had the personal joy and honor of running the final 0.2 miles with the Z-man himself.  He took his mini-race very seriously, and I had trouble keeping up when he started to run, but when we crossed the finish line, I hugged him, and he said, “Daddy, that was fun, but next time I want to run with you FROM THE START of the race”.  (Something tells me that day isn’t as far away as I think!)
So, from all the C’s, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Personally, I cannot tell you how grateful I am, and I promise you that 4.5yr old Z will, one day, truly understand what you did for him.
“It is not enough to prepare our children for the world; we also must prepare the world for our children.”
– Luis J. Rodriguez


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Posted by mbamommy on July 23, 2010

Before I get into this post, I’d like to express my extreme gratitude to everyone who’s read my blog.  And even more gratitude to all of you who’ve reached out to me either here or otherwise.  Your response is overwhelming and it makes me so happy I decided to write about our little Z-man.  It’s enormously therapeutic for me, especially knowing there’s so much love and support out there.  So, thanks.  And, please keep reading. 🙂

I need to take a brief break from telling our Asperger’s saga to thank J for being an ah-ma-zing hubby.  I mentioned I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of my 25th birthday, right?  Well, I didn’t do the post script.  You see, around here, birthday’s aren’t just one day.  Especially when what you *really* want to do on your bday is only an option a couple weeks later.

See, I have an obsession with Rent.  Seriously, I *heart* Rent.  I honestly can’t get enough of the music.  I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times and have a tendency to listen to the soundtrack on repeat.  I think if I could marry it I would (sorry, J).  The good news is, J is *almost* as obsessed with it as I am….probably by osmosis….I’m a little leaky.

Aaaaannnnnyyyywwwwwaaaaayyyy.  The day Rent shut down on Broadway was indeed a sad day in our household.  I think I cried, but I could be making that up for effect.  But, it was sad nonetheless.  So, imagine my surprise when I heard an ad for it on the radio here in Raleigh, NC.  Really?!?  How could that be?  Who cares!  Let’s go see it!

“J, I know what I want for my bday.  And the whip cream on top would be if you planned the entire night out: babysitter, dinner, tickets, etc.”

Well, folks, my man came through.  Which was such a nice gift.  We always have wonderful date nights and he usually agrees with whatever I plan but he rarely takes the initiative in planning things.  Granted, that’s probably because I’ve wet-noodle beaten him into submission:

“J, what do you want to eat tonight?”  “

I dunno, MBA Mommy, what would you like?”

“No, honey, I don’t care.  you decide.”

“Ok, how about sushi?”

“Hmmm….I was thinking more of ordering a pizza.”.

Seriously, why do I even bother asking him if I already know the answer.  BUT, when it really matters, he knows how to deliver (ask me to post my engagement story sometime…’ll make the ladies swoon and the men complain they’ve got big shoes to fill).

But, I digress.

So, last Saturday night, as he planned, the babysitter showed up promptly at 5pm (us old folk get an early start for our big nights out).  I get dressed up in a cute dress and shoes and as we were walking out to the car…..huh?  J, why is there a big black van parked in our driveway? Oh, why, it’s your friendly neighborhood Gary-I Gotcha Taxi, of course.  Triangle peeps, this guy is AWESOME.  His FB tagline is, “YOU DRANK I DRIVE”.  He’s an upscale taxi service with a KARAOKE machine inside complete with strobe lights in sync with the music.  Best of all?  They have a license that allows you to have an open container.

OK, I’ll admit it.  We’re not *exactly* his target market.  I think he spends a lot more time around UNC, Duke and NC State campuses than up in the ‘burbs where we live….but how cool is that?  J not only planned this wonderful evening for us but he threw in a fun little surprise.

So, off to dinner at Second Empire we went with our mini-bottles of wine in hand (W.T., I know), where we had a fabulous dinner complete with Cakebread Chardonnay (my fav and too rich for daily consumption) and chocolate cake (see previous parentheses).  Then, back to our car service and off to the show.

Soooo…….the show.  Rent.  My favorite.  The show I can sing along to just about every word and I cry at almost every song.  Why, because it’s sad?  No, because the music gives me goosebumps (I cry when I get goosebumps?  Huh?).

The show was amazing, although I think the show would be amazing if I was watching The Chipmunks perform it (haha, just had a mental image of Alvin singing Maureen’s “Over the Moon”).  The music was the same.  The stage was the same.  The singing?  The dancing?  Well, I think it left a little to be desired.  I thought JoAnn, Maureen, Collins and Mark did a wonderful job.  But, I thought Roger, Mimi and Benny were lacking.  True, Roger and Mimi are huge shoes to fill but they’re also very important shoes.  And, Angel did a great job dancing but his voice just wasn’t there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  And I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.  Both J and I simply noticed that we weren’t watching Broadway, that’s all.

Wanna know the best part?  J and I.  As far as we were concerned, we were the only ones in the world.  Well….us and Gary-I Gotcha.  With everything going on in our lives it’s truly wonderful to be able to escape with your plus 1 for a night and remember why you married them in the first place.

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The Beauty of “Because I Said So”

Posted by mbamommy on July 12, 2010

I used to hate when my parents answer to my pleading and questioning was, “Because I said so.”  It was SO frustrating.  Now that I’m on the flip side, I’m realizing how much power and beauty those 4 little words hold.  Wanna know why?  Because you can’t argue with it.  It’s not logical, you can’t negotiate.  There’s no wiggle room.  It just is.

It reminds me of a saying my high school girlfriends and I had.  We always wanted to use the following break up line on a boy.  I don’t think any of us ever had the guts to do it, but it has as much power and beauty as “Because I Said So”.  And, as much frustration for the receiver.  Here it is:

“I hate you, just deal.”

You can’t argue with it.  It’s not logical, you can’t negotiate.  There’s no wiggle room.  It just is.

What about you?  Any “gems” that can end an argument in 10 words or less?

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You Never Get A Second Chance….

Posted by mbamommy on May 12, 2010

To Make Good A First Impression.

Or so the saying goes.

I politely disagree.  Maybe it’s just me, but do you really truly base all your assumptions of a person’s character on that first 5 minutes you meet them?  I don’t.  Frankly, half the time, I’m so overloaded with trying to take everything in about that new person I don’t know what I think.  And, if I do, inevitably I find I’m wrong.

For example, the first time I met JC was during orientation at b-school.  We had just come in from some outdoor team building and everyone was kind of sweaty and gross.  JC in particular.  He sat next to me and we chatted but all I could think of was “Seems ok, but how do I get away from this guy’s sweaty leg?  Gross.”  Granted, the sweaty thing hasn’t changed much but if I hadn’t afforded him the opportunity to make a second first impression, my life would be drastically different right now (and NOT for the better, I assure you).

Another example, when I first met my best friend, I only knew of her through her reputation of being opinionated, loud-mouthed and ‘rough around the edges’.  And, that our mutual acquaintance wasn’t a fan.  But, I decided to give her a chance and come to my own conclusions.  The result?  Yes, she’s opinionated, loud-mouthed and ‘rough around the edges’.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  She’s also FUN, thoughtful, caring, has a huge heart, is a wonderful wife and mother and the most solid friend I’ve ever had.  So, again, if I had stopped at the first impression, my life would not be as rich.

Oh, and the mutual acquaintance?  Neither of us have spoken to her in years.

What about you?  What do you think?

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I *heart* G’rents

Posted by mbamommy on June 10, 2009

Now that I have kids, my parents and JC’s parents have renewed their place as some of our favorite people in the world (mine dropped off when I was a teenager and have been slowly moving back up in the ranks since then).  A couple weekends ago, 2 of the 6 grandparents came in to see Petite Syrah, runZMC and Boo (oh yeah, and us, right?).  All the kids LOVED the extra attention and treats they got.  We played at the pool, took walks, got tons of awesome pics – and JC and I weren’t running around like crazy following the kids.  It also allowed MBAMommy to take a nice little relaxer from carrying 55+ lbs of baby up and down stairs all day.  See, when Grandma C and Grandpa R are in the house, Mommy and Daddy are totally lame.  And we LOVE that. 

We even got a *much* needed date night.  And, herein lies the first reason why I *heart* g’rents.  FREE BABYSITTING.  Not only that, but post pre-dinner drinks and pre-dinner, we realized that our car wouldn’t start and we’d need to call AAA/get a cab/get towed/whatever.  Here’s the 2nd reason I *heart* g’rents.  FREE RIDE HOME.  Which leads to the 3rd reason. FREE DD.  Once JC & I coordinated with Grandpa R when and where we needed to be picked up, we thoroughly enjoyed a bottle (+) of yummy wine and some delicious Cafe Luna treats.  It was one of those nights where the restaurant could have burned down around us and we wouldn’t have known.  It was one of those nights where I was reminded that I married an amazing man, not just an amazing Daddy.

Back to the first reason I *heart* g’rents.  The next day, JC and I head back downtown to figure out the car situation only to realize as we’re trying to unlock the car that we’ve left the keys back at the house (probably a little too much yummy wine the previous night?).  So, back we go up to the house and back we go downtown (a 25 minute trip, one-way), get the car started and get on with our days.  I *heart* g’rents because we didn’t have to take the munchkins on our 75 minute tour of Capital Blvd (FREE BABYSITTING), which would have made last night’s yummy wine soooooo un-yummy.

G’rents, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to visit anytime!!! 🙂

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My life, the book

Posted by mbamommy on May 21, 2009

You know how everyone talks about how their life sometimes feels like a sit-com?  Well, I can’t say that happens to me very frequently.  But, I can say that recently, I feel like every book I read is either written for or by me. 

For example: The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan, is about a mother of 2 young children who finds out she has breast cancer.  Granted, I don’t have breast cancer (although, as I was reading the other night, I decided to do an impromptu self-exam) but, I am in what she calls “The Middle Place”, where you’re a Mom and Child all rolled into one.  She talks about being a Venn Diagram where you’re the only player.  I was laughing out loud when she described it because it’s EXACTLY where I am right now.  I have 2 little ones who I love to brag about to their grandparents.  And, in the same conversation, I’m bragging about a recent run or job interview I rocked.  I never quite thought about it in that way before but it’s true.  Thank goodness my parents are still around…..and thank goodness I’m a parent myself.  One other comment about Ms. Corrigan’s book: I am completely in love with her father – what a character!

Another example: The Last Lecture, by Jeffrey Zaslow & Randy Pausch.  If you haven’t read this book, do it.  Seriously.  The world lost an amazing teacher when Mr. Pausch passed away and my heart goes out to his family.  I guess the only silver lining about his tragic death is that now everyone can learn from him.  So, why do I feel like this book was written for me?  Well, I’m currently looking for a job (as I’ve mentioned before) and I’ve been getting enormously discouraged by the lack of response I (haven’t) been getting.  It’s so tough out there and companies who are actually hiring really have the pick of the litter.  Not that I think I’m a runt but I find myself needing to be extremely aggressive in pushing my way through the bigger puppies to get some attention. 

But, I digress.  Mr. Pausch repeatedly talks about going after your dreams, going above and beyond to make yourself visible and not taking no for an answer.  I was reading the book in bed the other night, completely discouraged with my job search…..and realized I wasn’t doing all of that.  The next morning I had a new found energy and determination to really push for that dream job I applied for.  Now, I haven’t gotten the job yet, BUT, I did finally get someone on the phone who let me know that my initial application had never been received and suggested I re-apply.  If I hadn’t been so determined, I would’ve never known that and just assumed they didn’t see the fit the way I do.  The end result is TBD but at least I can say I’ve done everything I can.  At least I can take some of the power back.

Finally, I also recently read Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri.  It’s a collection of short stories with a recurring theme of Indian-American families living (mostly) in the Boston area and the impact living in a different country and culture has on their families – both positive and negative.  Now, I’m not Bengali but I don’t think that’s important.  Each story has bittersweet characters and you can really feel their heartaches and triumphs.  The story in particular that affected me was the title and first story.  It’s about a young mother, pregnant with #2 who loses her Mother, quits her job and moves to a new city to follow her husband’s career.  Again, not all of that’s the same as me, thankfully, my mother is still alive.  BUT, the way Ms. Lahiri describes the isolation this young mother feels, the challenges she faces in her relationship with her husband, her need for family to be there when they’re not and her mixed emotions about being a working Mom vs a SAHM all rang true for me.  Another story, A Choice of Accommodations, talks about a couple with 2 young children who go away for a romantic weekend only to have the weekend fall on its face due to the reality of being a long-term married couple with kids (ie, they’d rather sleep than anything else).

Looking back on that last paragraph, you’re probably thinking “That book is depressing…..and MBA Mommy’s got some issues.”  But, that’s not the case.  In the first story I mentioned, it ends with the young mother rekindling a strained relationship with her father and the beginnings of a beautiful relationship between grandfather and grandson.  In the second story, the couple re-connects in a most unusual location, but realize they both still love each other.  As I said before, the book was bittersweet and I loved that none of the stories ever really finished – it was like you saw a snippet of these people’s lives and then had to wonder what happens next.  I’m guessing that each character goes on with their lives, struggles when they have to, celebrates when they can and lives to the best of their ability.

So…, I don’t have breast cancer…, I don’t have pancreatic cancer….and no, I’m not Bengalese.  But, I did see myself in these stories.  I guess that’s the sign of a good read.  And, that no matter who you are or what you’re experiencing, you’re not alone.

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