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Just another day….

Posted by mbamommy on August 8, 2011

Remember —>this<— post?  I just wrote about the power of words and the need for more acceptance.

And then I read —>this<—.  Yes, it’s a story about autism.  But, I think it’s true for everyone.  And, I need to give my hat’s off to the Mom who wrote it.  I think she handled the situation beautifully.

I only hope I have the wherewithal to do what she did the next time that happens to us.  Because one thing that’s certain.  It will happen.  Just this morning, when I was dropping Z & S off at school we got there a little late…which is difficult for Z because when we get there late it’s hectic, loud and chaotic.  He has a tough time saying goodbye when there’s so much that’s overwhelming his system.  The last time this happened I said goodbye quickly and he cried.  Wailed is more like it.  For a while.  I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving quickly…out of sight out of mind, right?  Well, this morning I decided to take a little more time.  Yes, I had somewhere to be, but I also realized the abrupt departure just wasn’t going to cut it.  so, I stayed with him and hugged him.  Talked to him through the noise.  Showed him what they were going to be learning about this week.  Until he said, “Ok, Mommy.”

“You’re ok?”


“OK, one more hug and kiss.  And then I’ll see you after camp.”


A hug, a kiss and he turned to the Cowboys book I was showing him.  I walked out without both of us distraught and in tears.

Tomorrow, I’ll make sure we’re out the door a little earlier.

I’m learning too.

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