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Posted by mbamommy on September 2, 2011

I am not one to be all fired up about a new fall line up on TV.  The Emmy’s, Academy Awards, Oscars and all those other award shows surprise me every year when they’re on.  I don’t know anything about new shows, new actors, new anything.  And, it takes a lot of time for anything to really catch my attention.  Not because I don’t want it to.  Not because I don’t like watching TV.  Although I admit to only watching things I’ve DVR’d because I *HATE* commercials….ironic given I’m a marketer, I know…unless, of course you count the Super Bowl, then I’m all about the commercials and *HATE* when they go back to the game.  I actually would love to watch TV more and know more about pop culture (don’t get me started on my lack of music knowledge….it’s terrible….and makes me feel SO old!).

But, I just don’t watch TV much.  I wound up renting all seasons of 24, Sex and the City and now Dexter because so many people were talking about those shows I finally got motivated to order them from Netflix….and I was shocked that there were like 7 seasons. 7?!  You mean I haven’t know about this stuff for 7 years?  Where’s that rock I was living under….I want back in. (As an aside, once I’m done with Dexter I’m thinking about watching Lost…that’s supposed to be pretty good, right?  Please though…no spoilers.)

So, when we went public about Z’s Asperger’s, I had about 20 gagillion people tell me about Parenthood.  And about 20 gagillion more told J about it too.  So, we finally looked at each other and said, “Maybe we should watch it?”  So, typical of our timing, the season was over.  Luckily for us, in this modern day and age, if you miss something, you can just get it online.  And, that’s what we did.  Every night for 2 weeks we sat in my office, huddled around my 17 inch monitor, trading off the comfortable office chair with the uncomfortable stool….and being brought to tears nightly.  We were hooked for another season.

And then we heard rumors that they may not bring it back.  Something about a loyal audience but not a large enough one.  Excuse me?! If I wasn’t so damn busy with my own parenthood, I’d totally give you an earful Mr. TV Executive.  A BIG earful.

So, J and I have been (patiently?) waiting to find out if we get to have another season of Parenthood.  Guess what?!

WE DO!!!!!

And to answer some of the questions I’ve had when I talk about the show:

Yes, there are striking similarities between Max and Z.  Max Burkholder does a great job emulating a typical Aspie.  And, whenever Z’s obsession with airplanes starts to wear me down, I can always think “hey, at least it’s not bugs”.  And, the reactions/actions/mistakes Kristina and Adam have made are also strikingly similar to what J and I have done.  It’s actually given us a platform to talk about things like “How and when do we talk to Z about Asperger’s?” (note: we already have).

No, Max Burkholder doesn’t have Asperger’s.  He’s just a great actor.  I believe the writer or director or someone has an Aspie kiddo and that was the impetus for the whole show – to tell that story.

No, Z doesn’t wear pirate outfits every day.

Yes, Z has worked someone like Max’s behavior therapist.  And, no, J’s brother did not sleep with her.  He doesn’t even have a brother!

Anyhoo…..I’m pretty fired up for the fall.  Anyone else?

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