MBA Mommy

Part MBA, Part MRS, Part MOM…..All ME

Who, What, When, Where, And Why………UPDATED

Since I started this blog a couple years ago, quite a bit has changed and I felt the need to update the ‘story behind the stories’.

I’m still MBA Mommy, although the MBA now stands for “Mom of a Boy with Aspergers”.

Z (previously known as RunZMC) was diagnosed about 4 months ago and I’ve (mostly) hung up my professional spurs for the time being so I can make sure he’s getting the support he needs.  Granted, I still have 1 toe in the professional world in the form of contract work but it’s sporadic.

S (formerly Petite Syrah), is now 2 going on 10.

J (formerly JC, no, not the Christian Savior) is still the same wonderful man I married.

A (formerly furrball), is still our neglected first child.

We now live in COLORADO.

So, the players are still the same but the stories told are different.  There’s much more focus on Asperger’s and our journey with it and much less focus on what’s new and exciting in the professional marketing realm.  Hopefully that too will change in the near future but for now I’m just trying to go with the flow.


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